Is It Too Much To Dream?

Is It Too Much To Dream?

By Israel Presley, Rainier Beach High School student

(Editor’s Note: Israel delivered this spoken word at the Black Lives Matter at School Student Talent Showcase on March 8 at Cleveland High School.)

Is it too much to dream? 

Well, I want to say I dream of a city full of churches where our leaders can return and preach. I dream of peace and a voice so powerful there isn’t a place on this planet it couldn’t reach. I dream of teachers that look like me, think like me, love like me, so we can finally connect when they teach. 

But I guess I’m just another dreamer. Well, those are not dreams. They are what I demand, but I couldn’t expect America to comprehend or understand. If I were to leave it to America, it would spit on me, give me a back hand, and hang me with its red, white, and blue flag for being a black man. 

I mean, you see what they did to Martin when he had a dream. Excuse me, a demand. They killed our voice, preacher, teacher, right when he took his stand. As I come out of chrysalis, I start to fly, but the white man tries to force me to land.

The system has put a target on me for my melanin and hates my very being from clothes to my hair down the very last strand. 

But, I don’t hate you America. I appreciate you because you made me a dreamer that seeks unity with my brothers whether Latinos, Asians, Blacks or Native Americans through the oppression we share. We can all come together, fight back, take a stand, and be grounded and put our right fist up in the air. You can try to stop us from our rapid progression if you dare.

We have taken off your shackles and put on black leather jackets and berets. We’ve escaped your snare. I know our hands up, don’t shoot and black lives matter signs always catches the white mans glare. We seek a world with hope, peace, equality, and equity where all people are treated fair, so again I ask, is it too much to dream or is it too much to care?