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Social Equity Educators is a rank-and-file organization of activist educators in the Seattle Education Association (SEA).  We seek to transform education in terms that empower students, teachers, and the communities that our public schools serve.  As members of the SEA, we understand that the educator’s union has a vital role to play in creating an equitable education system.  As educators, we understand the importance of using culturally relevant and holistic curriculum to empower our students.  We have come together to fight against the corporate reform of our schools and to organize for a socially just education system.

SEE is dedicated to strengthening progressive values inside SEA, promoting quality and culturally relevant pedagogy to provide the best possible education for Seattle’s students, and building a strong SEA that can fight for the rights of our membership.

Come check out our monthly meetings for more information.

For more information or to join us, please email us or call Dan Troccoli at: (206) 851-4963.

If you are already a member of SEE and you would like to set up your dues contribution, click here.