Rosa Powers for SEA Vice-President!

(Editor’s Note: If current SEA President Phyllis Campano is elected to the position of WEA Vice-President at the WEA Representative Assembly in Spokane April 25-27, the current SEA Vice-President Michael Tamayo will automatically be promoted to be the SEA President. At the June SEA Representative Assembly, there will be a special election for a one-year term for the SEA Vice-President until the regularly scheduled election next year. If this happens, Social Equity Educators has endorsed and encourages all SEA building reps to vote for Garfield High School Teacher Rosa Powers for SEA Vice-President.)

I’m Rosa Powers and I’m running for SEA Vice President
Our power is in the action we take and our strength lies in the bonds we make with those who matter most; our fellow educators and the families we serve. I want to work for SEA to demand respect for our schools, to raise expectations of what is possible for our union and connect members across the state to realize our collective power.

As a union I believe we must:
Demand A WA State Capital Gains Tax – First and foremost we need money to address class size, to restore services cut over the past years and strengthen our ability to run our schools well. The best and fairest means to meet the paramount duty of full funding is to tax Capital Gains at the highest levels.

Push Back On Standardized Testing – Stop doing what we know siphons money from districts
and does not improve education for students.

Expand Union Power – Build stronger educator networks across the state to fortify our collective bargaining rights and to lift voices in every local across the state for greater unity.

Invest in Racial Equity – Mandate Ethnic Studies as a graduation requirement to improve education for all students and use Restorative Justice to address disproportionate discipline of students of color.
Bargain With Transparency for the Common Good – Set bargaining goals with SEA members
and parent communities to create a vision for “The Schools Seattle Deserves” employing open
communication of what we all fight for in the contract at all points thus strengthening our
ability to hold the line in bargaining.

Organize Early and Be Prepared to Strike – Build and use our collective power to make hefty
progress in our schools.