Panel Discussion on SEA Contract Negotiations

Support the 5,000 plus educators in the Seattle Education Association (SEA) at a panel discussion about the ongoing contract negotiations with the Seattle Public School District and lessons we can learn from other labor struggles around the U.S. Our contract expires on the first day of school September 5. We call on everyone in Seattle, whether you are union or not, to stand in solidarity with us. Remember our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions. Now is our time! Solidarity with Seattle educators!

This will be live-streamed on the Social Equity Educators Facebook page.


Alex Brower, President of the Milwaukee Substitute Teachers Association. Alex spent 21 days on a hunger strike to help win health care for substitute teachers in Milwaukee.

Daniel Barnhart, Vice-President for Secondary Schools, United Teachers of Los Angeles. The 35,000 educators and members of the UTLA are voting to authorize a strike between August 23-30.

Stan Strasner, Vice-President of the Seattle Substitutes Association. He’s helping to lead the fight for health care for Seattle substitutes.

Tristin Aide, Nurse practitioner who helped lead the two-day strike by 1,800 nurses at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington in mid-July. She’s a member of the Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals Local 5221.

Liza Rankin, parent advocate/activist, Soup for Teachers. Her organization started during the SEA strike in 2015 to help organize parents and the community to build solidarity with their students schools and support the SEA bargaining team.

*Invited speakers include SEA President Phyllis Campano.

There will also be other SEA speakers and community allies finalized at a later date.

Sponsored by: Social Equity Educators

For more information contact:
Darrin Hoop, SEA and SEE member, at 206-550-1609 or