Why Black Lives Matter at School Week was Important to Me?

By Milga Sharif, student at Rainier Beach High School

I’m a sophomore from Rainier Beach high school. I am an African-American Muslim who has foreign parents from Somalia. As you may know, it’s black lives matter week. And since it’s that week, we must bring up topics that have been hushed from the polluted society that is our country such as young high school teens being murdered just by the way they ‘look’, ‘talk’, and the so-called way they ‘act’.

Children, young adults, and families in our very own school and neighborhoods are being affected by the inhumanity caused by unjust police brutality and a government that doesn’t care for everyone as equals. As we hear in television and on our local news stations, we witness the mass of murderers being let off from murdering an innocent person that was someone’s family or friend just because of lame and idiotic racism that sadly gets worse and worse as we try to end it.

I worry as a black Muslim young woman, what if I’m the next victim of fatal racism or my very own brother? It doesn’t make sense when police’s reason for killing people who had done nothing wrong are killed because of simply walking into a store with a hoodie and automatically assumed as a thug with a gun. Or maybe a Muslim woman in a public place wearing the traditional niqab [a fabric clothing that cover your entire face except your eyes] and interpreted as a radical Islamic terrorist?

Don’t get me wrong I know we do already touch this topic currently, I but feel if we as people as a whole, no matter the culture, actually speak about this topic a lot more, we’ll be able to connect with each other and destroy the source of this misfortune in our country and world.


By Najma Abdul-Aziz, student at Rainier Beach High School

We were enslaved at some stage in our records. Called one ‘United States of America’ that wouldn’t have been built without our sweat. We constructed the worlds, countries, our ancestors. And those humans nonetheless have the audacity to deal with us like animals. With so much jealousy comes greed. Truly it’s sickening. It’s as though they created the government in opposition to us.


Featured Image by Sharon H Chang